Frictionless Rotating Hanger 

US Patent #11,519,551           Issue date -  December 6, 2022

Windyium uses free wind and Neodymium (if maintained lasts 100 years) magnets creating a Frictionless Rotating Hanger.

Windyium easily does a lot more than rotating a hanger in a wind to frictionlessly spin clothes or towels indoors or outside helping user save money on their utility bills.  And it spins using a clothing steamer.

My patent pending Frictionless Spinning Device continuation-in-part(CIP) application levitates and spins brand name beer, soda, water or like container shapes.  There is another use application you will not believe until you see it.

See Windyium video on or Frictionless Spinning Device CIP videos Arrowhead,  Budweiser,  Essentia,  Oats,  Pellegrino. Frictionless Rotating Container has a US Patent pending Notice-of-Allowance and should issue in May 2023.

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I have another not yet submitted Windyium CIP application could be filed by end of February 2023. 
Above CIP application will surprise everyone who benefits from using it.

A rotating hanger device includes a tube made of non-magnetic material and a rod supported within the tube via magnetic levitation assembly.

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04/23/2023 - I counted 10 complete revolutions per minute of a 24" by 46" bath towel in front of an under
window wall mounted heater.  Towel hung narrow side top.

12/25/2022 - There are mulitple other patentable use applications and each work with or without my
US patent - 11,519,551 Frictionless Rotating hanger.